Program Schedule


11:10-11:45 Dr. Christian Bird
11:45-14:00 Poster and Lunch
14:00-14:35 Professor Emad Shihab
14:35-15:10 Dr. Hoan Nguyen
15:20-15:55 Professor Robert Dyer
Free (Some meetings?)


Erina Makihara, “Towards an Efficient Exploratory Programming Environment for Introductory Programming Exercises”
Kousuke Kamimura, “Toward Plagiarism Detection in Binary Programs Using Program Compression”
Hideshi Sakaguchi, “The impact of maintenance frequency of test codes on the defect detection in OSS development”
Natthawute Sae-Lim, Shinpei Hayashi, and Motoshi Saeki, ”Toward Prioritizing Code Smell Detection Results for Prefactoring”
Tomohiro Ichinose, “Gamification with Code Visualization on Software Development”
Konstantin Kuznetsov, “Mining Apps for Abnormal Usage of Sensitive Data”
Kazuhiro Yamashita, ”Toward Measuring Project Survivability from Perspective of Developers”
Toshiki Hirao, “How do core reviewers make a decision in Code Review Process? –An Pilot Study of Open Source Project Patches-”
Kiyoshi Honda, “Toward an Analysis Relations between Code Changes and Bug Fixes
in Open Source Software”
Jonatan Hernandez, “Personal patterns in the software development”
Norihito Kitagawa, “A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Cooperation in Code Review”
Yusaku Noriyuki, “A Study of the Characteristics of Programmers by Mining Programming Competition Datasets”
Rajaul Karim, “An Approach for Improving the Quality of Bug Reports”